Look back on what you’ve done in your life and I can guarantee that those things requiring the most effort and personal investment were probably the same things that gave you a deeper sense of fulfillment, meaning and stimulated the most personal growth. Sport, art, schooling, business, relationships, kids or whatever requires the most from you is probably the best thing you have going.

However, sometimes when we are in the middle of doing or pursuing these things the process can seem arduous and never ending.

The reality is that these things are often arduous because they require a full investment of self. They require an investment on every level- mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. As for the never ending part- that may not be a bad thing. Why not seek out things that require a full investment? Or even better why not fully invest in the things you are currently doing?

Consider the alternative approach.

Half invested can point towards apathy, complacency, boredom, fatigue, lethargy and indifference.

Fully invest and no matter the material outcome you will get a full return intrinsically.


About Jasper

Jasper is an Ironman Champion and professional athlete turned coach and entrepreneur. He also has a passion for the philosophical and creative side of life. This is his personal blog.

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