The Energy Paradox

Your energy is not like a gas tank. It’s not like you wake up in the morning with 100 points of energy and gradually use them up throughout the day.

By using energy to do things that you find fun and engaging you actually get more energy to do more things. It is a totally bizarre phenomenon and works in complete contradiction to all other forms of energy where you start with X amount of it and when you use it you run out of it.

Go ahead, try sitting on the couch for a few days “conserving energy” and see how energetic you feel at the end of it.

And then go ahead and do something totally awesome and fun that “uses energy” and see how energetic you feel at the end of it.

Your energy is more like a bell curve. In the beginning, using energy actually gives you more energy….physical energy, mental energy, spiritual energy. At some point your energy will get to the top of the curve and start to come down the other side but even on the way down you will still have more energy than someone who is sitting on the couch at the bottom of their bell curve conserving energy.

Mental inertia is the biggest challenge. The initial push to get off the couch requires you to overcome a large amount of mental inertia. Many people find many reasons why they should not do something that uses energy. It’s comfortable to not use energy. And too much comfort is the enemy of awesome things because awesome things always require some amount of discomfort and they always require your energy. But when you do make the decision to use energy to do something awesome, the brief mental discomfort is quickly replaced by an influx of energy as you move up the energy bell curve.

*These statements have not been approved by science


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