Yes and No Energy

You have yes energy and you have no energy.

Yes energy gets you out the door. Yes energy motivates you to do things that are necessary, but not always fun, engaging or awesome. Yes energy is the difference between doing and not doing what is necessary.

No energy is like gravity. It’s what keeps you in bed or on the couch eating chips. No energy is what keeps you from doing what is necessary because sometimes what is necessary is not always fun, engaging or awesome.

When you are faced with a task that is necessary but not fun, engaging or awesome there will be a battle within you between yes energy and no energy. Your yes energy will find reasons to do it. Your no energy will find reasons not to do it.  Ultimately the scales will tip to the yes side or the no side and that is what you will do. When yes energy wins by a very slim margin but you are still filled with a great deal of no energy you will still do it but the process will lack intent and it will be a fractional representation of what you are actually capable of.

The more yes energy you have for something the more representative the outcome will be of your true potential. But here’s the best part about yes energy. When you have enough of it, there is no longer space for no energy. And when you are doing something completely void of no energy you will find that the activity becomes deeply engaging, purposeful and with a high level of intent. Yes energy has the capacity to completely rearrange your perspective on even the most mundane activities. When you are completely full of yes energy you will lose yourself in the activity and do it for its’ own sake. Yes energy creates a platform for fun, engaging and awesome.

Both yes and no energy are completely within your control. Yes and no energies are the product of your internal dialogue. When you recognize this and claim responsibility for it you gain great personal power.


About Jasper

Jasper is an Ironman Champion and professional athlete turned coach and entrepreneur. He also has a passion for the philosophical and creative side of life. This is his personal blog.

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