Sportsmanship should never be solely based on ones ability to lose graciously. It’s important to be able to take a loss in stride and as part of the overall process but you don’t have to like losing.

Poor sportsmanship happens when there is a lack of respect for ones competitor. Poor sportsmanship happens when belittling or bullying is used as a way to prop oneself up. Poor sportsmanship happens when an athlete cheats because he/she is too afraid to see what they are capable of on their own merits. One of the most bizarre arguments for cheating is that those who do simply want to win more and are doing what’s necessary. Cheating is nothing more than a cowards deep insecurity of failure, lack of self respect and lack of respect for the game. Sportsmanship is when you can put forth your very best effort, not reach your goal, and be strong enough to accept that- you don’t have to like it but you have do have to accept it and move on.

Sportsmanship has more to do with how one tries to win. Great sportsmanship is found in the approach. Great sportsmanship is found in ones respect and consistency to the process. Great sportsmanship is found in ones respect for others whether they are teammates or competitors. Great sportsmanship is found in a persons guts, tenacity, courage and willingness to do their best even when they are losing by a landslide. It’s in ones ability to fight until the very last second of the game. It’s in an athletes daily approach to being the best they can be.

Great sportsmanship can often be found in the most unrelenting competitors.


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